Betterfit Supply Net is a seamless one-stop-shop online platform allowing organizations who purchase centrally and use locally to change their distribution and evaluate savings and efficiency gains across the entire chain of the platform. We are targeting purchasers and suppliers in the same ecosystems to produce a better fit for everyone.

Supply Net

Thousands of medical supplies available.

Local manufacturers have products available even as global shipping lines are constrained. Get the products you need reliably and on time.

Canada Masq ASTM Procedure Mask - Level 3 - Adult Black

Hot Zone Eclipse HORIZON N95 Equivalent Surgical Respirator

Canada Sanigel Hand Sanitizer Gel - 70% formulation

BrantMed Surface Disinfectant Wipes - 70% formulation

and many more...

Manufacturer Direct

Buy directly from Canadian manufacturers and suppliers. Bypass complicated distribution and get your products reliably, safe, and secure.

Made in Canada

Supply Net carries a wide selection of medical supplies manufactured in Canada. Shop from a diverse selection of Canadian manufacturers. Heath Canada-approved personal protective equipment (PPE) complies with Canadian safety and quality standards.

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